What is going on at elsse.com ?


I hope that everybody is enjoying the rest of their summer.

I would like to share with you what is going on at elsse.com

We have:

  • A New Teacher, Perla Kopeloff, with a Master  Degree in Education and she is a Spanish certified teacher (Click here)
  • A new and flexible Schedule from Monday to Saturday (Click here)
  • Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer programs.(10 weeks programs)
  • New Classes: Spanish for Adults, Business and Travel (Click here)
  • Spanish for Children and Tutoring 5 to 18 y/o (Click here)
  • We have support classes for students that have Spanish lessons at their Schools to help them speak write and read more comfortably.
  • A new Spanish student group in Japan (from The International School in Kobe, Japan)
  • A Facebook page E-Learning Solutions for Students and Educators. Please visit our Facebook page and you will get a Free E-Book “The 10 Best Free Spanish Websites for Kids”

We are very excited that we have new students in Minnesota (USA), Stuttgart (Germany) and Kobe (Japan).

Pease visit our website www.elsse.com  for more information, if you have any question email us at info@elsse.com or call 651-321 -2041

Thank you and have a great day!


Miriam Ramos-Warth

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